Top Tips


We are looking for submissions which engage with our three core values: (Connect, Participate, and Surprise) and are of particular relevance to our core target audience of 15-25 year olds. Good submissions will:

  • Demonstrate a meaningful connection to the theme, bringing a thought-provoking or unexpected perspective to it. Avoid shoehorning an unrelated work.
  • Invite audience participation and engagement
  • Involve collaborations across different disciplines - we think collaborations are great!
  • Bring together art and science in a creative way. We generally avoid illustrations of science, or science that is evaluating art.
  • Be based on strong original ideas in any media
  • Be properly budgeted (see below)



We will provide:

  • Press relations and press campaigns
  • Theft Insurance
  • Invigilation
  • Maintenance of your exhibit
  • Photographic and/or video documentation of your proposed activity or artwork
  • Installation costs
  • Transportation costs ( one way only if the exhibit is travelling to another venue)
  • Cost of requiring authorisation from relevant authorities or ethical research committees

This is what we expect you to include in your provisional budget and if relevant fundraising plan:

  • Materials and services necessary to produce the proposed artwork or the activity
  • Costs of travel and accommodation
  • Your fee
  • Any other professional fees associated with the research & development and the production phases of your project
  • Specific maintenance or installation requirements or replacement parts
  • Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance if the nature of the project requires one


Have more questions? Please get in touch on the relevant open call page