Open Call Details

SYSTEMS - Accenture Artist Residency

Open from 
27th January 2020, 9:30am GMT to 9th February 2020, 11:00pm GMT
Results by 
17th February

Science Gallery Dublin is excited to announce that in addition to our general open call for SYSTEMS, we are seeking applications for a new Artist in Residence programme in partnership with The Dock, Accenture’s flagship R&D and Global Innovation Centre located in the heart of Dublin 2’s tech quarter.

The Artist will work closely with the The Dock’s Human Insights Lab team, and with the Science Gallery Dublin team to develop an original commission for the summer exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin, SYSTEMS (June - Sept 2020).

The Artist will be resident between Science Gallery and The Dock for agreed dates between March and June 2020, embedded within the Human Insights Lab.


The Dock is Accenture’s flagship R&D and Global Innovation Centre based in Dublin, Ireland where design, business and technology come together under one roof. The Dock is home to a diverse team of 300 creative problem-solvers made up of highly talented experts in design, engineering, artificial intelligence and IoT. The multi-disciplinary teams at The Dock research, incubate, prototype and pilot digital and emerging technologies together with clients and partners to pioneer new ways to fulfil human needs using emerging technology.

Based at The Dock, The Human Insights Lab brings a societal perspective to pivotal themes at the intersection of society, business, and intelligent systems. We believe that tackling these themes in partnership with clients and leaders from the humanities, social sciences and culture can enable business to achieve sustainable growth while creating value for people and society.


The Dock is looking to work with an Artist who is interested in exploring a systems perspective on addressing big societal challenges – one in which business, technology and society are interrelated as a problem-solving system.

Potential sub-themes:

  • Systems Design
    • Mental models
    • Wicked problems
    • Understanding complex-adaptive systems
    • Holism
    • Being participant observer, not objective observer
    • Interdependence
    • Non-linear relationships
    • Feedback
    • Control & Cybernetics
    • Systems at different scale
    • Building empathy within systems
    • Balancing conflicting goals of actors in systems
  • The influence of natural systems in systems design/theory
    • Regenerative systems
    • Biomimetics
    • Biophilic design

We’re looking for artists, designers, technologists, academics and engineers and other systems of practitioners to propose projects that will explore the many complex systems, both visible and invisible, that surround us.


When we update a status, send a group message, or add a filter what are the processes that occur beneath the interface? Where is the cloud and who controls it? What is the environmental impact of our networked society? Who really owns our data? What is the impact of the individual parts that make up the whole? Have we designed a world of systems we control, or are they controlling us? 

In a time of heightened global crisis, the systems that shape our world are becoming increasingly fragile. While ecosystems are being destroyed, political processes are being manipulated, economic structures exploited and personal networks eroded, all of which are further exacerbated by our increased dependency on technological and automated systems. 

Yet how much do we really know of these systems? How are they all connected, and what are the infrastructures and networks upon which they are built? How do we find out? How can we navigate, probe, critique and challenge them?

This exhibition will explore the many different systems that form our contemporary networked society. We welcome proposals that highlight, investigate and test these systems, or offer alternative ones for an uncertain future.

We’re looking for artists, designers, technologists, activists, journalists (citizen, alternative and mainstream), hackers and pranksters, academics and engineers to propose exhibits, workshops, interventions or projects that will help us untangle the many complex systems, both visible and invisible, that surround us. 


Three-month long residency at Science Gallery Dublin and Accenture’s The Dock.

Artist fee of €8,000 in addition to production support and material costs, travel and accommodation.

During the residency the Artist will benefit from exposure to cutting-edge research and innovation in The Dock, home to over 300 designers, developers and experts in artificial intelligence, analytics, IoT and social science research. The artist will be working directly with a team in The Human Insights Lab that includes experts in social psychology, behavioural science, sociology, anthropology, public policy, service design and public engagement – and several Science Gallery alumni. The artist will also be working with The Dock’s System Design lead.

The Artist will also benefit from work-in-progress mentoring, consultancy and advice from experts in public engagement in Science Gallery Dublin, and the wider art-science sector. Science Gallery Dublin will provide access to production expertise and sourcing facilities.


We are especially looking for Artists who are aligned with Science Gallery’s three core values: Connect, Participate, and Surprise. Successful applicants will articulate why and how they would benefit from collaborating with our industry partner Accenture and Science Gallery Dublin.

Some tips for strong proposals:

  1. We love artistic works that invite visitors to participate, create and discuss.
  2. Great projects bring together art and science, in a creative way. We avoid science that is evaluating art or art that didactically illustrates science.
  3. Appeal to Science Gallery’s core audience of 15-25 year old’s, and Accenture’s core audience of business leaders, will be a key factor in curatorial decisions.
  4. Defying categories is good. For example, perhaps your piece is “a kind of a hybrid sculpture, event, installation-puzzle, with a crowdsourced edible citizen-science archive, plus a performance component that will portray a speculative future organism… .” We like stuff like this.
  5. A true connection to the theme of SYSTEMS and interest in collaboration with Science Gallery Research and The Human Insights Lab at Accenture. We encourage you to take a moment to consider whether your ideas and interests fit before committing your valuable time and energy to the application.
  6. Collaborations are great! However, you will have to share the funding which is strictly limited. There will be no extra funding for additional collaborators although of course they are always welcome.


  • Quality of project idea and work shown in portfolio
  • Demonstration of meaningful connection with (and interest in responding to) the key research themes outlined above
  • An interest in working collaboratively and adaptively with members of The Dock team
  • Quality of imagination and curiosity shown in the proposed project and work
  • A demonstrated capacity to make the proposed idea happen within budgets and practical constraints
  • Quality of originality of ideas and approach to contributing something new and exciting to the arts/science field
  • Commitment to creating an output of the collaboration for exhibition


The winning Artist will be selected by a jury which will include:

  • Aisling Murray, Head of Programming, Science Gallery Dublin
  • Paul O’Neill, Lead Researcher SYSTEMS, Science Gallery Dublin
  • Fionn Kidney, Programme Lead, Accenture’s The Dock
  • Louise O’Reilly, Creative Producer & Ops Lead, Accenture’s The Dock
  • Firat Toroglu, Systems Design Lead, Fjord, Accenture’s design consultancy
  • Independent Juror

The selection will take place shortly after the end of the submission deadline. The successful Artist will be informed immediately and should be reachable via e-mail at the beginning of February to progress residency details.

The Jury’s decision will be final and the Artist will be expected to take up their residency in March 2020.


Sunday Feb 9th 2020 5pm GMT



Is there a set time-duration for the residency between the given months e.g. 1 month etc.? Thanks C

Hi Christiana, there are no specified dates yet as we felt it was dependent on the individual and their availability to agree set times and contact dates during the residency period.