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Open from 
1st May 2019, 9:00am IST to 16th June 2019, 5:00pm IST
Results by 
1st July
Bengaluru's Water
Human Rights
Climate Change


Science Gallery Bengaluru (SGB) is a dynamic new space for engaging young adults at the interface between the natural and human sciences, and the arts. It will draw on the intellectual capital of three of India’s leading institutions, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), National Centre for Biological Science (NCBS) and Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology (SIADT), which offer complementary areas of expertise.

Science Gallery Bengaluru is being developed with the founding support of the Government of Karnataka. The first space of its kind in Asia, the SGB mission is to develop an engagement with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) through a dynamic roster of experimental spaces, exhibitions, educational workshops, training programmes, and public events.



Science Gallery Bengaluru seeks interactive, participatory works for SUBMERGE, an art-science exhibition to explore water in our lives. The exhibition will open later this year.

When we think of water, we are mostly thinking of the 3% that is freshwater on Earth. What does it mean to think of water beyond its being a resource: water is after all a weird substance. It is present in the smallest of living cells as well in gigantic glaciers and oceans.

Water shapes landscapes, lives, and legacies. Yet, access to and use of water is neither equitable nor compassionate. Our oceans are polluted, our groundwater is depleting and our rivers and lakes are drying up.

We urge you to respond to our keywords through collaboration and conversations: Hydrology; Monsoon; Bengaluru’s Water; Ecosystem; (water as) Human Right; Climate Change. The proposal should be concrete and explain how and why water is essential and central to the art-science project.

We wish to accomplish the following through our season: what if geologists, hydrologists, artists, civil engineers, ecologists, social scientists, oceanographers, historians, and story tellers, among others, came together to share and create knowledge about water, explore our collective experience and relationship to water to address challenges and identify futures?

Whether your application is an artistic or scientific inquiry, ideally both, we are looking to work with individuals or groups - preferably from across career and disciplinary backgrounds - who are critically exploring water in the contemporary context and those engaged with emerging research. 


  • Abhishek Hazra, artist
  • Douglas Herman, geographer
  • Jahnavi Phalkey, historian of science


First and foremost, we prioritise works that help our audiences critically explore the processes of producing knowledge relevant to the topic of the current Open Call.

We are looking for both existing and new projects that match Science Gallery’s core aim: to Connect, Participate, and Surprise. Relevance to our core audience of 15-25-year-olds is important.

We strongly encourage you to take a moment to explore the exhibtions held at our sister galleries to consider the Science Gallery ethos and the fit to our current open call before committing your valuable time and energy to the application. For example visit Science Gallery Dublin's exhibitions and Science Gallery London's past programmes.



We invite proposals for exhibits as well as ideas for public programme from people living and working anywhere in the world. A clear rationale related to Science Galley’s aims and those of the SUBMERGE Season would be expected in the response to the Open Call.

  • Science Gallery’s approach is transdisciplinary so we accept projects from highly diverse disciplines that could include art-works, video, poetry, craft, sound, web-based work, socially engaged work, live experimentation, interactive art, digital music/sound art, computer animation / Film / VFX, digital communities, performance & choreography, digital design, sharing of data from social science, medical, or natural science research – essentially we are not format-prescriptive!
  • Science Gallery Bengaluru is also accepting proposals for public programmes in the lead up to and during the exhibition. This could include a film-festival, city walk, hands-on-workshop, talk series, theatre, dance, puppetry, stand-up/ open-mic/ improv, and a master class.
  • While our primary focus is on the exhibition space, we are keen on programming beyond the exhibition space and welcome proposals that could be hosted online, outdoors, or in other site-specific locations like lakes, laboratories, parks, or metro stations. We are happy to facilitate permissions where possible, if required. Please get in touch with us if you have specific questions about the exhibition space.



Projects supported via the Open Call for the exhibition can typically be funded by Science Gallery Bengaluru between INR 2,00,000 to INR 4,00,000 (including all artist fees, materials, equipment, shipping, travel etc.). Public programme proposals can typically be funded between up to INR 1,00,000.

Please note projects of larger scale could be considered only where additional partners/funding can be secured. We enthusiastically welcome proposals that work to a smaller budget or have a larger budget and are part funded through other means.


Seasons can include new or existing works, and we are happy to receive more than one submission from one person/team: what is critical is the fit for this specific open call.


Science Gallery Bengaluru will notify applicants if their submission has been successful by 1 July 2019. The gallery will be considering submissions during May and June, so if questions about your project are identified we might contact you for clarification during this period.


If we think your work is exciting and relevant, we will start a conversation about your proposal with a view to establishing feasibility in July 2019. 

For information on how to apply click here.


May I request for a few clarifications:

1. Is this open call only Bangalore specific? Only Bangalore residents and projects should be only Bangalore based?

2. I gather that it is for an exhibition. When is the exhibition? Or is it a series of exhibitions whose logistics will be decided between selected applicants and the curatorial team? I am not clear about the timeline here since I am pretty new to Science Gallery Bangalore.

3. What does "establising feasibility in July 2019 mean"?

Hi Swar,

To answer your questions:

1. The call invites proposals from people living and working anywhere in the world. 

2. The exhibtion will open later this year. The team are working hard to confirm final dates as soon as possible.

3. This means the programming team will be speaking to shortlisted applicants in July to determine feasibilty, availabilty etc.  

Goodmorning, in the description's text "between INR 2,00,000 to INR 4,00,000" means in EUR approximately​ 2.500,00 to 5.000,00 €, it's correct? In case of larger budget projects, the additional partners/funding are found by Science Gallery or by whom submit the project? Thanks

Hi Stefano,

You are correct  "between INR 2,00,000 to INR 4,00,000" means approximately between 2,500 to 5,000 Euros. In the case of larger projects additional funding would have to be found by the artist submitting the proposal.


How do i submit a video artwork (link to video) ?

I do not want to make a video application....I just want to submit a video as my artwork. This is an existing project.



Hi Romicon,

Please share the link of your video in the application. 

Best of Luck

Hi, I'm wondering when the actual exhibition is scheduled for.

This will help me figure out if it would be compatible with my schedue, as I'd have to be there for the installation.



Hi Scott,

The exhibition is currently scheduled to open mid December 2019 (TBC).

How many images can you download?

Hi Myriam,

We aren't sure of what you mean. If you mean how many images from you we are able to download, it would be best if you include a link in your application.

Best of Luck

How to apply as a team? 

Could we get a basic plan for the site where the exhibition is going to be held?

Hi Priyanka,

Site plans will be made available once the shortlisting is done.

Applications for teams are same as individuals. Best of Luck.


I am curious to know that whether an applicant needs to apply as an individual or he/she can apply as a two-membered team? If collaboration is allowed then what is the procedure to apply?

Hi Argha,

You can apply both individually or as a team. Application procedure would be the same for both - only one application is needed for a team.

Guidelines to apply are here:

If we are to create individual accounts in order to submit proposals, how do duos or teams upload their submissions?

Hi Sneha,

One application by any of the team members is sufficient for a team.

Best of Luck


If I am to account for hiring or renting materials and props for the show, I will need to know for how long the show would last so I could prepare an appropriate budget. Could the SGB team help me answer how long the show might be up for?

Hi Shashank,

The show will last for 48 days (tbc) but you may want to account for some days previous for installation and a couple of days afterward for dismantling.

Best of Luck.

Hello! Q#1. In previous SciGal exhibitions there have been a team of docents/students to assist the public in navigating interactive installations. Will this degree of support be a possibility with the Submerge exhibition?   Q#2.  Will the institutions affiliated be able to provide moderate access to any lab equipment like autoclave or microscopes? Thanks!

Hi Tarah,

1. Yes, there will be support for the SUBMERGE exhibition.

2. The exhibition will not be organised at our affiliate institutions, however access could be provided based on the strength of the proposal. Detailed feasability discussions would occur once the proposals are shortlisted.

Best of Luck.

Hello! Im writing in to ask when can one expect an email regarding the final announcement of selected projects? Although the website says we will know by the 1st of July, an email I got on the 23rd of June says 6-8 weeks. Just wanted to know which one to go by! Thank you! 

Hi Tansha,

Due to the large number of submissions we have recieved and the extended deadline of the Open Call we will not be announcing results by 1 July 2019. 6-8 weeks from 23rd June is the updated timeline for the Open Call results.