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Open from 
9th April 2018, 9:00am IST to 15th May 2018, 5:00pm IST
Results by 
11th July

OPEN CALL: Science Gallery Dublin is seeking proposals for up to twenty works for INTIMACY, a free exhibition that asks what human connection is made of. We are looking for works that explore the themes on intimacy in surprising and unusual ways. Deadline for applications is 16th May, 17:00 Dublin time. Provisional exhibition dates are October 2018 to February 2019.

What is INTIMACY and can it be quantified, optimised, or commodified? Does INTIMACY hide in surprising places, or in plain sight? And will technology compromise the future of human connection, or bring us all together in new and exciting ways? There has never been a more important time to examine the way we relate to each other, and ask whether our definition of INTIMACY needs a reboot.

INTIMACY will examine the science and art of connection between humans, bringing together neuroscience, art, behaviour, belief and trust.

We’ll find closeness in surprising places and probe how INTIMACY can emerge between friends or opponents, across time and cultures, or amongst networks and groups. With electronic communication ever more pervasive, INTIMACY will examine how all this interconnectedness may disrupt traditional notions of togetherness, opening new avenues for connection, or killing off intimacy altogether.

Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? What does it mean when bodies are ‘in sync’?  Does intimacy have a language? From FOMO to frenemies and oxytocin to online dating, we’ll find out what INTIMACY means in the 21st century.

Subtopics we are particularly interested in:

  • Spaces for intimacy (including unexpected ones e.g. between sporting opponents, prisoners, commuters; or in social gatherings, etc)
  • Scales and types of intimacy (non-binary, sense of belonging, circumstances of common loss or danger)
  • Neurohumanities and the neuroscience of empathy, connection and trust
  • Small-audience performance and immersive theatre
  • Togetherness including perception, imitation, joint action, learning and memory, behavioural revision and novelty
  • ​The role of societal and cultural contexts
  • Autonomy, authority and threats to intimacy
  • Measuring and optimising Intimacy (are we heading toward a quantified self?)
  • Sociological aspects of intimacy
  • Generational differences in approach to intimacy
  • Online relationships
  • Creative interventions and designs that facilitate or cultivate intimacy


Proposals may be new or existing works, and will be funded up to a maximum budget of €2000, which should include all artist fees, VAT, materials, equipment, shipping, travel etc. Please note that these are maximum amounts and we enthusiastically welcome proposals that come in below the maximum budget. We are happy to write letters of support for applicants seeking funding from elsewhere.


  • Giovanni Frazzetto, Author and Researcher
  • Rachel McDonnell,  Assistant Professor in Creative Technologies at the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin
  • Ian Brunswick, Head of Programming, Science Gallery Dublin
  • Joe Caslin, Artist
  • Ida Panicelli, Curator & former Editor of Artforum


I am working on a concept that would feature a music clip played in loop. I would like to use copyright music, possibly a 1950s/60s pop single. Do you know how I would cost the licensing in my proposal? My thanks in anticipation

Hi Lionel, if the piece your making is manipulating the music you will need to contact them about copyright in advance and source. I'm not sure of the cost for this. If it is simply playing in the gallery space we have a blanket license for music in the gallery. If you have any concerns please drop me an email. Cheers, Aisling

We are curious if someone at the exhibit could help us run a study? Make sure the protocols are in place so we can collect accurate data.
 Thank you!

Hi Kristin, absolutely. We can assist with this. If you want to shoot me an email with details I can check in with our Research Coordinator. Cheers, Aisling

Hello, I would like to propose an electronic music piece, so I would send an audio file mp3 or wav together with a pdf abstract. The online form accepts and needs an image and a video. How could I send my proposal?

Best regards

Hi Antionio, 
I think you may have been in touch with my colleague already, if you can include a link in the body of the text that would be the best.

Thanks so much,


Hi everyone! Is it OK to submit a performance piece even though we of course wont be able to be on-site for the three months? Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you!

Hi Catarina,

Yes absolutely! 



Hi Aisling, 

In the application it states you may upload a video instead of filling out a form. Would it be okay to upload a video as well as a full written application if it would help to introduce the topic, which is a commonly shared form of video?

All the best, 


That sounds great Jack. The form is incredibly useful in the way it breaks down the information we need and equally video applications can another dimension to the application so a combination of both sounds ideal.



Hello. Just a quick question - Are you looking for 20 works be on display throughout October - February, for the entire time? Would it be ok to propose a work that is displayed for only 2 weeks? Thanks.

Hi Ana,

For exhibits we would want them to be on display for the full 3 months or most of 3 months however we will have a changing events programme. Can I ask why only 2 weeks? Is it due to commitments elsewhere? What I might suggest is submiting stating the limitations and we can figure it out from there!



Super, looking forward to reading. Thanks.

Thanks Aisling for your reply. My display can be exhibited for as long as needs be.. I was just wondering about length for one added aspect of the work. Best, Ana

Hi there, sorry for the late question. I was just wondering, are the works supposed to be for sale/ are the Science Gallery wanting to purchase the works? Or, are the works to be collected at the end of the exhibition period? Many thanks, Amber



Hi Amber,

We have no permanent collection I'm afraid so everything is returned at the end of the exhibition.




I was wondering if it is also possible to submit more than 1 work? Or is it 1 application per person also? 




Yep absolutely. You can submit more than one proposal.