Open Call Details

Hack the Brain Dublin

Open from 
31st March 2017, 10:00am IST to 8th May 2017, 6:00pm IST
Results by 
15th May
Brain-Computer Interface

Hack the Brain Dublin is an immersive, creative hackathon weekend in Science Gallery Dublin which aims to get artists, designers, neuroscientists, experimental psychologists, developers and engineers working together in transdisciplinary teams to develop ideas into prototype artworks, objects, inventions or interfaces which use or harness brain signals and brain-computer interface (BCI) technology.

The hackathon aims to facilitate the creation of new transdisciplinary collaborations in the field of BCI technology, and to highlight the importance of the innovative, aesthetic and ethical contributions of the arts in scientific and technological developments.

Science Gallery Dublin invites you to submit your proposal for a project to be undertaken at the Hack The Brain Hackathon over the weekend of June 9th—11th, 2017. Science Gallery Dublin can provide travel and/or accommodation support up to €500 for the 6 successful applicants (terms & conditions apply to this bursary).

Contact Mairead at for further information. By submitting an idea, you are confirming your availability to attend the Hackathon in Dublin from 09.06.17 (18:00) until 11.06.17 (20:00). If you’d simply like to sign up as an individual participant to join a team, register here.

Projects should relate to an artistic goal and show a relevant connection to artistic expression, as well as a concept based on scientific evidence and valid neurophysiological parameters. EEG headsets will be available for use by the teams and mentors will be on hand to provide guidance in the use of the hardware and software. At the start of the weekend teams will be formed, and they will spend the weekend developing a prototype of the project that you proposed with your leadership. At the end of the weekend all teams will pitch their work to a jury and the public.

6 winning ideas will be announced on 16th May 2017.

The hardware available for teams to use will include EEG caps, wireless amplifiers and electrodes from Brain Products GmbH, and Enobio headsets from Starlab; VR Oculus Rift, 3D printer, audio speakers, data projectors etc.


The idea was born of a desire to bring different skills and mindsets together to examine and use brain signals to make new work/objects influenced by art, design, science and technology.

Pervasive technologies are affecting the way we create, perceive and experience a variety of realities. In this context, Brain/Neural Computer Interfaces and Interaction (BNCI) can even commodify realities and hybridize the man-machine axis.

Individual team leaders may submit ideas through this Open Call platform, other interested persons must sign up as a participant here.

Hack the Brain Dublin is co-organised by the BrainHack Consortium. The curatorial panel for this open call will consist of representatives from the partner institutions: TU Delft (NL), Waag Society (NL), Tallinn University (EE), Artshare (BE/PT), Fondazione Santa Lucia (IT), TSRACT (CZ).