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Open from 
19th February 2015, 3:00pm GMT to 22nd March 2015, 3:00pm GMT

“First we eat, then we do everything else.” ― M.F.K. Fisher

Calling all artists, food scientists, designers, chefs, poets, dancers and musicians. Science Gallery London are hungry for your ideas for installations, events and activities for our FOOD season.

Everyone knows we live with a broken food system that means one billion people are malnourished and two billion are overweight. But we're interested in hearing some of the good news rather than the bad. Are you an expert on the increasing importance of insects in our kitchens? Have you been working on turning fermentation into an artform? Are you adept at crafting multi-sensory dinners that taste like Iceland’s volcanoes? Have you been thinking creatively about Gandhi's research on nutrition? Or do you want to make medicinal ice-cream out of our local herb gardens?


We want to help you realise your project with our audiences – we’re engaging with 15-25 year olds, King’s College London students, staff and researchers, Guy’s hospital staff and patients and local residents and businesses in Southwark and Lambeth.

We’re especially interested in submissions that engage:

With our locality — In making your submission, we invite you to think about our locality: the area of Southwark and St Thomas Street has a long history as a cornucopia of food markets and caring for London’s sick – from Southwark Cathedral, via Borough Market, to the Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret, to King’s College London and Guy’s Hospital. We are friends with all our neighbours so be imaginative in your choice of venue, whether it be Borough’s Market Hall, Guy’s Chapel or Terry’s Cafe. Joint proposals with a venue are very welcome.

With multiple disciplines — Science Gallery London is a place where art and science collide, so let different disciplines feed upon one another!

With the following areas of interest — while this list is not exhaustive, it’s what is currently whetting our appetites:

  • Artist-scientist collaborations
  • Food as a way to learn about science
  • New research on food presented in imaginative ways
  • Food-related processes
  • Alternative sources of food
  • Sensorial experiences of food
  • The origins of food      
  • Cutting edge ideas about how to feed the world tomorrow
  • Agroecological solutions from non-experts
  • Biodiverse initiatives
  • Speculative proposals (that could do with a bit of King's College London scientific support)

Potential budgets for developing proposals for artworks, events and activities that we want to take forward will  be  in the range of £500 to £5,000.  But if your idea exceeds this, don't hold back – if we love the idea we will endeavour to find further funding.


[Image Credit: 'Pomegranate03' by fir0002, CC BY-NC 2.0]


Hi everybody,

is it possible to know if there is any ideal space (size of it) where the interventions will be located? And also, is there any outside space that can be considered, patios?

would it be possible to have a plan of the space?

thank you

Hi mimi_coviello,

No spaces are confirmed, although we have 2 - 3 that we are considering in the local area (near to Borough Market).

There is some potential for some outdoor space within Guy's Campus - might be worth using Google maps satellite view to get an impression of this area if you are not familiar.

Unfortunately we cannot share plans at this stage as we are too early on in our discussions.

I do hope that this information is helpful.

Hi there, 

I would like to contribute with a photography project proposal. What would be the format of the proposal I would need to send? 

Thanks in advance and I apologize if this is a rather silly question. 

Best wishes, 

Kristine Petersone // Laine Apine Photography 

Hi krpetersone,

Not a silly question at all.You will need to fill in the open call submission form which you can access by clicking on 'click here to apply'. The form will ask you about the type of proposal and you can add JPG's / URL's etc to illustrate the content.

Hope this helps!

Could you explain more about how "Our contributors will work with King’s food researchers, who take a multidisciplinary approach to the study of nutrition and dietetics." 

Hi DFrequez,

As we are a part of King's College London, we aim to connect potential projects with academics across multiple disciplines, but particularly from nutrition and dietetics to facilitate collaborations.

This is not a pre requisite for a suitable project, but an opportunity which you may wish to pursue.

1. Could the proposed dissemination / exhibition component of the project start anytime between May - Dec?

2. In relation the resources you have allotted for the entire program how long should the exhibition / dissemination phase last for? 1 Day, 1 month, 4 months?


Hi Genomic Gastronomy,

Yes, we are open to any suggested start dates between those two points.

Your proposal could be a single day, a month or longer. Though securing space to host an exhibition or event for longer than a month may prove for problematic as we are looking at largely 'pop up' style locations.

We are hoping to produce a programme with a variety of short term installations and events ranging in time that runs over the course of the year. 

Hope this helps.

Hello SG team,

I wanted to propose a project working with some '15-25 year olds'. I was wondering if the proposal should be specific about how participants will be recruited, or does the science gallery already have community contacts along these lines and engagement strategies to follow? Essentially, does the project have to bring its own participants?

Hi Megan,

Fantastic! If you already have young people in mind/lined up then please do say so if your application. If not we would like to work together to recruit young people aged between 15 - 25 from the Southwark/ Lambeth area.

All the best!