To ask our team a question about a specific call, please comment at the base of the relevant Open Call page. This will notify the team managing that Open Call of your query directly. For technical issues, contact support@sciencegallery.com



  • I have just submitted my application - what happens next?
  1. Submission recieved: You’ll receive a submission confirmation email. At this point your submission can still be edited, if you need to make any last minute additions or alterations, now is the time.
  2. Submission verification: We’ll give your submission a preliminary review in the next few days to verify that it is eligible for consideration for this open call. You’ll receive a submission verification email to let you know when this has happened. Your submission is now locked and can no longer be edited.
  3. Submission review: Following the closing date for this call, your submission will be queued for consideration by staff and/or curators.
  4. Request for information: You may be contacted for more information if staff/curators think it would be useful.
  5. Notification of outcome: We will contact you to let you know whether or not your submission was successful for this open call.  
  • When will I know if my submission has been successful?

A notification date is posted on each open call page.

  • I have submitted my proposal to the wrong exhibition open call. Can you help me?

Email us at support@sciencegallery.com and we can redirect your application.

  • I have forgotten my password for my submission account. What should I do?

Send us an email at support@sciencegallery.com with your username and email address, we would be happy to help.

  • Can I attach images and video to my submission?

Yes, you will see on the submission form where you can do this.

  • Can I attach a PDF to my submission?

No, our system does not accept PDF attachments.

  • I was unable to attach an image to my submission form. What should I do?

Let us know at support@sciencegallery.com and forward on the image - we will add it to your submission.

  • I have missed the final submission deadline, but I have a project I think you will be really interested in - can I submit it, anyway?

From time to time we extend deadlines, but we cannot accept submissions beyond the deadline.



  • I have a research project I would like to submit to build research data from Science Gallery’s audience, but have never submitted to something like this before - any tips?

Go for it!

  • Do you consider existing work or only new artworks?

This depends on the season, but all works, both new and existing are considered for exhibition at Science Gallery.

  • Can I submit more than one artwork for consideration?

Yes, making more than one application is no problem.

  • Can I submit an event idea for consideration?

Double check with the call in question, but normally event ideas are welcome. Please note budgets are usually much more limited for events.

  • I am interested in collaborating with an academic. Should I try to find an academic at a university linked to Science Gallery who’s interested in my proposal before I submit it, or just indicate in my proposal that I’d like to be connected with an academic?

As we are linked with a number of universities, Science Gallery aims to connect potential projects with academics across multiple disciplines. If you’re interested in connecting with an academic from a particular field, let us know in the application and this will be considered in the selection process. A standing connection is not a prerequisite for a suitable project, but an opportunity which you may wish to pursue.



  • I live in another country - can I still apply?

Yes, we welcome submissions from all over the world. When drafting your budget, please make your best estimate about the costs of shipping, transportation etc. in relation to your locale and that of the Science Gallery you wish to exhibit in.

  • Do you accept submissions from all ages and experience-levels?

Yes we accept submissions from all ages. We also accept submissions from people of all experience-levels. The same standards will apply for all submissions.

  • Can I apply with a more performative or audible art work or does it needs to be fine-art / design?

Yes, you can absolutely apply with performative/aural work. We welcome submissions from all art and science disciplines!



  • Is funding available for travel and installation?

Yes, there is a budget available for applicants to cover fees, equipment, travel and shipping, etc. These and other associated costs should be detailed in full in your budget.

  • Should each project use the full guideline budget?

Each call will generally feature a guideline maximum budget. This is purely a guideline limit rather than a target budget, and lower budgets are considered favorably. If a project is selected by the curatorial panel but the full budget is not available for the project, we would discuss with the artist alternative options of how we might be able to realize the project. Providing a full budget breakdown so that we can see all costs is best, as that way we can see exactly what needs to be covered and what needs to happen in order for the project to happen. Full details of budgets are posted in each Open Call.

  • Do you accept projects which combine funding resources?

Yes, projects that bring other funding are appealing to us as it means our contribution will go further. Also, we just really enjoy making new connections and engaging with all people.

  • Do budgets need to include standard technical items such as projectors and screens, or just specialist equipment?

It's great to have everything included in the budget to get a clear idea of what we're looking at. We do have a certain amount of technical equipment in stock that we usually use for exhibitions and mostly hope to cover. However if it is a specific type of projector etc it would be best to specify.



  • Do I have to be present during the building of the exhibition, at the opening day or at any other time? Do I have to include the travel and accommodation expenses in the budget?

On site presence during installation really depends on the nature of your work and is something that would be discussed following selection. The attendance of collaborators at the launch is ideal, but is not compulsory. If you do wish to travel to the venue for the build, you should include travel and associated costs.

  • For how long will you exhibit my project, if chosen?

Selected artworks are featured at Science Gallery for the entire duration of the exhibition, but may also be selected for touring internationally.

My exhibition needs to be displayed in a room by itself, with controlled light and no other works near it - will this be possible?

We always endeavor to learn more about the ideal conditions that our collaborators imagine for their work. However, please consider the facts that space at Science Gallery is relatively compact, and experiences high traffic. With all this in mind, we work hard to integrate with the needs of the artist, the visitor and the exhibition design as a whole.

  • My project requires someone to facilitate an interactive element - is this provided and covered by the Science Gallery or do facilitators need to be provided?

Interactive elements in our exhibitions are usually facilitated by our Mediators, who work in the space and inform the public about the space. No need to provide anything other than instructions, unless specific training (eg. phlebotomy or first aid training) is required.

  • My artwork requires internet access - can this be provided?

Mains power and internet access can be provided.