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Jacopo de' Barbari, view of Venice, 1500.


Open from 
28th October 2019, 1:00pm CET to 12th January 2020, 11:45pm CET
Results by 
20th March
Climate Change
History of Science

What is the wind? Where does it come from? And why does it blow? These were questions which preoccupied thinkers in the Renaissance and led to the development of a global science, including the creation of the concept of the atmosphere. Previously theories abounded – from ideas that winds were stored underground in caverns deep in the earth’s core to other ideas that the winds being an expression of the humours which were then let rip on the world.

In this second year of the Earth Water Sky open call to find the next Science Gallery Venice artist in residence, the theme is Wind – one of the invisible forces which has shaped our history - including that of the city of Venice where the 2 month residency will take place. 

The winning artist will be working mainly with the international scholar and historian of science and philosophy, Craig Martin, who is writing a global history of wind at Ca Foscari University of Venice.

 In addition, the artist will be put in contact and work with scientists from the Veneto region who are looking at different aspects of wind, including the formation of waves and tides, thermodynamics and as an alternative power source.

We are looking for an artist who is truly inspired by the idea of investigating wind, enjoys the research process as well as public engagement, and can create imaginative, extraordinary new work which captures the public’s attention, their senses, minds and hearts.

Earth Water Sky is Science Gallery Venice’s 3 year residency programme for artists interested in the environment and the latest in cutting-edge environmental science and thinking. Every year there is an open call for artists from any art form – digital arts, painting, sculpture, dance, performance, music, multimedia, video, film, photography, writing, drawing – to apply for a 2 month fully funded residency in Venice. The winning artist/s will work with leading scientists from Ca Foscari University and the Veneto region.


What makes a good Science Gallery Venice open call proposal for the residency programme? We are especially looking for artists who propose an imaginative new project connected with exploring Wind and that also matches Science Gallery Venice’s three core aims: to Connect, Participate, and Surprise.

Some tips for strong proposals:

  1. We love artistic works that invite visitors to participate, create and discuss.
  2. Great projects bring together art and science, in a creative way. We avoid science that is evaluating art or art that didactically illustrates science.
  3. Appeal to our core audience of 15-25 year olds is a factor in curatorial decisions
  4. Defying categories is good. For example, perhaps your piece is “a kind of a hybrid sculpture, event, installation-puzzle, with a crowdsourced edible citizen-science archive, plus a performance component that will portray a speculative future organism… .” We like stuff like this.
  5. However, a true connection to the Wind project is a must. We encourage you to take a moment to consider whether your ideas and interests fit before committing your valuable time and energy to the application.
  6. Collaborations are great! However, you will have to share the funding which is strictly limited. There will be no extra funding for additional collaborators although of course they are always welcome


  • Quality of project idea and work shown in portfolio
  • Quality of interest in the theme of Earth Water Sky, the ideas of environmental science, and the Science Gallery Venice mission
  • Quality of imagination and curiosity shown in the proposed project and work 
  • Quality of achievement in making ideas happen within budgets and practical constraints 
  • Quality of originality of ideas and approach to contributing something new and exciting to the arts/science field 
  • Quality and ability to communicate and therefore become an ambassador for the Earth Water Sky residencies as well as be involved in any press, internal as well as public events connected with the residencies


The artist has a set fee for two months of 5000 Euros per month. In addition all travel, accommodation and subsistence are covered for that period on a fixed budget. 

At the end of the residency, the artist will be invited to bid for a 26,000 Euro production budget to make an art work inspired by their research into wind and their interactions. This final work and the results will be exhibited at Science Gallery Venice and potentially elsewhere. As well as Craig Martin, the artist will work closely with the initiator of the project, the Creative Producer and Curator Ariane Koek who was the founder of the Arts at Cern programme and was Science Gallery Venice’s first director. 


The winning artist will be selected by a jury which will include the Earth Water Sky Residency programme’s creative producer /curator Ariane Koek; Craig Martin, international historian of the science of wind based at Ca Foscari, University of Venice; an external curator or artist who is an international specialist in the environmental arts field; a representative from Science Gallery Venice and one from Fondation Didier et Martine Primat. 

The Jury sessions will take place shortly after the end of the submission deadline. The selected artist will be informed immediately after the Jury decision has been reached. You should be reachable via e-mail January/beginning of February to provide further documents and to discuss further proceeding.

The Jury’s decision will be final and the artist will be expected to take up their residency in 2020 any time between April-December. The residency may be split into a maximum of 4 parts if needed and only if agreed by the residency partners.


The Earth Water Sky residencies are generously supported by Fondation Didier et Martine Primat.

The Didier et Martine Primat Foundation is a swiss-based registered charity. Its purpose is to foster critical and creative thinking among adults and children from a very early age, whereby each one can enhance its individual capacity of discernment and reasoning and adopt more responsible societal choices and behaviors. To meet its objectives, the Fondation encourage scientists, scholars and artists and supports the programs of competent organizations to speak up and stand for a more sustainable and conscious ways of living for the present and future generations.



Hi everyone,

thank you so much for this wonderful subject!

My question: What is the working language for writers? And do all the samples of our writing in the application have to be in English, or is German /Italian also an option?

Looking forward to hearing from you - while I work on my wind-project.

Warmest regards,

Natasa Dragnic

Dear Natasa

Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

The working language for the aplication for everyone is English.

It is best to include examples of your work in Engllish which is the international working language for the call.  Thank you.

Many thanks


Residency dates?

Hi there Samuel

The dates for the residency  are - any t imeduring 2020 which works best with the main scientific partner and the artist together as well the curator.

The resideny can be taken in two months straight, split into two parts, or split into up to 4 parts. 

However the best affects always happen the longer you stay in a place, so 1-2 parts is best


Hi, this looks like a really interesting residency. Is it open to non-eu residents/citizens though?



Hi there. It is absolutely open to everyone anywhere in the world.

All good wishes


Hi there, does this open call have to be specifically based on the theme of the wind? Can the proposal be linked to the latter description in this call about Earth, Water, and Sky? Please clarify how closely related to the study of wind this needs to be? 


Vinita Khanna 

Hi Vinita

The proposal must focus on the theme of wind and be directly related to the study of it.

Thank you

Under the 'BUDGET FOR THE RESIDENCY' heading, the passage states: "At the end of the residency, the artist will be invited to bid for a 26,000 Euro production budget to make an art work inspired by their research into wind and their interactions."

It is NOT clear to me if this (above-mentioned) Artwork is the SAME as the proposed Art Project (for 'Wind' or Sky) that this call is soliciting (?) Or, is it a separate project (which will result from collaboration with the researchers and yet to be conceived)? Is the call asking for a unique Artwork in the proposal...? There appears ot be two art projects referenced here, Please clarify.

thanks you, MR

Hi Michael,

Yes the call is asking for a unique art work proposal which you aim to investigate for the residency which is for research and development of ideas. We aks for a proposal so we can get a sense of your creativity and approach.

This proposal is the starting point for the residency if you get accepted.  We know that this proposal which is submitted for the Open Call is very likely to change completely once you do research during the residency interacting with Craig,  our scientists and with Venice itself so the original art work which is proposed at the end of the residency may very well be very different. 

Hope that explains.

Hello Again: regarding the PORTFOLIO. How is this Portfolio to be formatted/presented (e.g., on the PDF document)? For example, if one is a multi-media artist, could the portfolio have examples of 2D artwork AND links to videos, audio, and/or performances?

Thanks, MR

Hi Michael

The presentation and format is up to you but it shouldnt be long.  We are just interested in you shring with us examples of your work which you are particularly proud of.

Working links to videos, audio and/or performances of course should be included.

Thank you


Is there an age limit for the artists who should participate?

Thanks a lot and best regards


The artists should be 18 and over.

Hi everyone, can an artist duo apply? or is it just for a singular artist?

Thank you

Absolutely you can apply aas a duo or even a group. However all  the budgets for the residency are fixed so you will have to split them between you accordingly. There is no extra funding for extra people.

Hi! I don't understand if the video where we have to talk about our project is really necessary or we can just send the written proposal

Hi Alice

The video is essential. You have to make the case as to why you should be awarded the residency -  including why you believe you are suitable for the residency, what it will do for you and what you will do on it. Thank you.

Dear open call-team,

Are the costs for materials and possibly tools charged separately or are they deducted from the monthly fee of € 5000?


HI there

During the two months residency in which you are researching and developing a project,  if you need any materials and tools during this time or any additional support, yes, you pay these out of your 5000/month salary. This is what the current artist in residence is doing.

At the end of the two months or later  - it depends when you feel you have a good proposal -  you then bid for a production grant  of 26K to make and exhibit the work.  

Hope that is clear.

Hello team of Science Gallery, I have been wanting to make a sound installation based on wind for some time, but this idea is not an interactive artwork. Because you mention that this is an important part of Science Gallery Venice, I was wondering if it's still worth it to try and apply for this residency?

Hello team of Science Gallery, I have been wanting to make a sound installation based on wind for some time, but this idea is not an interactive artwork. Because you mention that this is an important part of Science Gallery Venice, I was wondering if it's still worth it to try and apply for this residency?

The criteria states - We love artistic works that invite visitors to participate, create and discuss

This is quite open but shows the importance of public engagement with the proposal and the residency. So yes, it is still worth applying.

Hi. I have a question for the application. At the first section, it says about video clip, but  is it for those who  prefer to speak rather than in written form, or do we all need to make a video clip? If so, is it ok to submit audio recording of my speaking instead rather than a video?

You all have to make a video clip.  An audio clip wont fulfill the applications rules. You can do it on your mobile phone if you have one. Or on your laptop. It's as simple as that. The Video clip is a testimony as to why you want the residency, what it will do for you and what you can do for it. 



Hello! I am curious to learn more about housing accommodations - Is a resident with a partner and children supported?


The fixed accomodation and subsistence  budget covers a resident with a partner and children. The Fondation Didier et Martine Primat and I deliberately ensured the funds were enough to meet this. In addition, there is of course the monhtly fixed stipend.

Hello team of Science Gallery,  So we have to make a video clip about ourself or could it be something more artistic... like a video about the subject and a voice over it speaking about why I want the residency, what it will do for you and what I can do for it. Do you need to see our face ?


Is the deadline really extended to January 12th?


Yes. It says that at the top and on social media. Deadline midnight.

Hi there,

it says that applications are closed. Are you sure the deadline is midnight? Is there any alternate method for me to send my apploication before midnight?


Hi Science Gallery Team,

should the budget and project plan to be submitted in the call's application feature only the budget and timings for prototyping and research during the 2 months residency or already showcase the feasibility for a final execution if awarded the 26.000€?




Hi Carolin

The budget and project plan should be just for prototyping and research for the proposed idea during the 2 month residency. We know this idea may very well change after the residency and after you have been researching and been inspired in unexpected ways. We dont expect it to be the same when you come to bid for the production grant..

The 26K  production grant application as clearly stated comes after the residency has been completed.

Hello - there seems to be a confusing point (or redundancy) in the application;

In the key question: 1] 'What is your is your proposal / what kind of a project or idea (400 words max)' the text beaks this down into 5 sub-components (as follows:)

2] brief background to your project you wish to suggest, and explain

3] how it relates to the subject of the open call. Include

4] your availability for taking up the residency,

5] a budget for making a piece based on your idea and

6] a project plan of what you intend to do (Please note: we accept this may change during the residency).

This is a LOT of information to squeeze into 400 words (!)...BUT, component # 3 ('how it relates to the subject of the open call') seems to be a DUPLICATE of the separate application item: 'How does your work or project fit the theme of the Open Call? That comes later.

QUESTION: if an applicant has already answered this question (in the separate item), can it be ignored  (i.e., ignore the “how it relates to the subject” item) in order to save on my word count (which is here limited to 400 words and which must still cover 5 other application components???

Cold you please clarify how these two components/items are different (substantively) and -- if they BOTH must be answered -- maybe provide some clear guidance for applicants (so we don't leave out anything)...?

Thank you, MR

Thank you for your point.

400 word limit only relates to question 1.

Hello! Wondering if I may submit at end of day on the 12th - I am on the west coast in the US, which makes me 8 hours behind the 12 midnight CET deadline, would you consider this - otherwise I belive the application would bneed to be submitted in the morning for me - could definitely use the additional hours that are afforded to the other applicants - thank you sincerely!


Hi Grisha

I am very sorry. The rules are very strict. The deadline is midnight Central European Time January 12th.

I am sorry. Apply next year! You will know the open call is coming up in October. Sign up to Science Gallery Venice Facebook and Twitter account.


Hello ,good morning I wanted to send my proposal to the earth waterSky Residency project and it does not let me create my project with the call open

Open from 
28th October 2019, 1:00pm CET to 12th January 2020, 12:00pm CET


Hi Ana Isabel 

We are very sorry you had problems. There was a technical glitch and it was sorted this afternoon. Hopefully you logged in again and it was sorted by the time you did.  If not, please send your application by email to Thank you.



just one question - the deadline was by noon today or midnight today? Because it says closed now.


thank you

Hi Ivan 

We are very sorry about the technical glitch.  The system obviously didnt recognise the pm. The  call ended at midnight January 12th.

The next open call will be  October 2020.

Hi good afternoon, I came here to submit my application, but the site says the open call is closed, even though it clearly states right above the red CLOSED that it closes 12.00pm tonight, which is 9 hours away!!

Thank you for your email.. Yes there is a technical hitch. It should be closing at midnight CET. I will contact the person in charge to correct it immediately. Hopefully!

If that doesnt work within the next two hours, then please submit via email but obeying the deadline.


The hitch is still on. So what is the e-mail address then ? Thank you !

Hi Loeiza

We are very sorry you had problems. There was a technical glitch. As we can see online that you did try,  please send your application by email to Thank you.


I tried to submit my work today at 3pm and couldn't because the open call was closed. I htought I misinterpreted the deadline time and that it was due yesterday at midnight.

However, as I just logged in back now, and read the last message on chat, so it appears I should have been able to submit my application today!

Is there a way to still submit it?

Very disapppointed I built this body of work for the residency and a technical hitch from the website made me miss the deadline.

Thanks you for your reply,



Hi Laurene

We are very sorry you had problems. There was a technical glitch. As we can see online that you did try,  please send your application by email to Thank you.


When could we expect the results in current situation that occurs in Italy? 



Dear All,

Thank you for your patience in these exceptional times. The jury met over skype this week. We will be announcing the result this Monday March 23rd 2020.  It will be announced on social media and on the Science Gallery Venice website. Thank you for your patience in these troubled times.


Stay well, keep safe, be creative and stay connected.