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Under Review
  • Melbourne
Keywords: Social behaviour, Superorganism, Population dynamics, Overpopulation, Colonisation, Nanorobotics, Hivemind, Science fiction, Pandemics, Globalisation, Political movements, Mechatronics, Big Data
Call closed
on 1st July 2020, 11:45pm AEST
Results by 23rd September


**Extended deadline to 1st July**
Are we all just hardwired to be part of the pack?

Finding current social distancing and self-isolation a challenge? From balcony sing-alongs to virtual dance parties, our innate desire to socially connect and interact seems impossible to override. 

There are more of us now than ever before – 7.8 billion people across the entire...



Under Review
  • Bengaluru
Keywords: Ripple Effect, Social Contagion, Quarantine, Group Behaviors, Networks, Infectious
Call closed
on 10th June 2020, 11:00pm IST
Results by 10th September

Science Gallery Bengaluru seeks interactive, participatory works for CONTAGION, an exhibition that explores the phenomenon of the transmission of emotions, behaviours, and diseases. 

The domino effect, the ripple effect, or the ability of one event to set off a chain of others has been known and described in various ways. From a yawn in a classroom setting off a wave of them to a chain...

Pigeons as Trainable Observers of Pathology and Radiology Breast Cancer Images. Courtesy of Edward Wasserman

AI, Ethics and Health


Under Review
  • London
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Agency, Data, Privacy, Ethics, Equity, Regulation, Care, Well-being, Accountability, Trust, Medicine, Illness, health
Call closed
on 23rd February 2020, 11:30pm GMT
Results by 3rd April

Science Gallery London is inviting expressions of interest for projects to become part of the forthcoming AI & Ethics season. Whether your application is art, scientific inquiry, or a combination of these, we are looking to work with individuals and groups who are critically exploring ethical issues around the development and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly (...

SYSTEMS - Accenture Artist Residency


  • Dublin
Call closed
on 9th February 2020, 11:00pm GMT
Results by 17th February

Science Gallery Dublin is excited to announce that in addition to our general open call for SYSTEMS, we are seeking applications for a new Artist in Residence programme in partnership with The Dock, Accenture’s flagship R&D and Global Innovation Centre located in the heart of Dublin 2’s tech quarter.

The Artist will work closely with the The Dock’s Human Insights Lab team, and with...

  • Detroit
Keywords: Design, Society, Community, Technology, Future, Biodesign, Transhuman, Ethics, Architecture, Digital Dark Side, utopia, Dystopia, Genetic Design, Futurisms
Call closed
on 31st January 2020, 6:00pm EST
Results by 21st March

Design makes worlds. It directs the traffic of humanity through the creation of cultural, social, and material space. But do we feel empowered to direct? To design?

Most moments of our existence are touched by design. We all sketch, we fashion trial balloons, we tinker with thoughts and concepts, we revise, we prototype, we analyze and critique, and we build. And then build again.

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